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Welcome to the online home of the Law Offices of Joe C. Hopkins.

Are you in need of legal service? The Law Offices of Joe C. Hopkins will be there to guide you through every stage of the legal process, providing the very best personalized service and legal assistance. Since 1982, we’ve represented clients in the following areas:

Law Offices of Joe C. Hopkins
  • Accident and Injury Cases
  • Criminal Defense
  • Personal Injury Law
  • Police Abuse
  • Sexual Harassment
We offer legal services to our clients in the Pasadena and the Greater L.A .areas; as well as, San Gabriel Valley.

Career Highlights

Joe passed the bar and set up a private practice in 1982. After a year of sharing space with his former law school professor and senior partner at Murphy and Gold on Wilshire Boulevard, Attorney Hopkins ran his own practice on Wilshire for over ten years. A second office was set up in Pasadena, California, in 1984 on Lake Avenue. 

The practice has been rewarding in more ways than one. Joe has represented clients from all walks of life, from clergy to movie stars, lawyers to high school students, who have been charged in a variety of civil and criminal cases, He has handled disputes involving drug charges, bankruptcy, real estate matters, allegations of sexual harassment, and assault of teachers and other students. Below is an overview of the more noteworthy cases handled by Joe Hopkins, Esq. over his career. (Names of people are generally kept confidential for the protection of their reputation and out of respect for their privacy.)

Joe Hopkins has successfully settled or won verdicts against numerous companies and governmental entities, including The Boy Scouts of America, County of Ventura, Kaiser Permanente, and Metropolitan Transit Authority, to name a few. 

As a longtime criminal attorney, Hopkins has successfully defended many parties charged with criminal misdemeanor and felony matters while maintaining an estimated 80% victory rate for trials since 1992. Charges have ranged from minor traffic offenses to murder. 
In 1993, shortly after the O.J. Simpson case, attorney Hopkins successfully defended a black man who was charged by his white wife of raping her at gunpoint. The gun was found under his mattress within hours of the alleged rape. The jury found that the sex was consensual. The man had turned down a 9-year plea bargain and was facing 40 years in prison. 
In 2002, Hopkins successfully defended the mother of Baby Andrew from being tried as an adult. The mother was charged with throwing the baby into a trash dumpster. If tried as an adult, she faced life in prison. A lawsuit was filed and settled against the Monrovia Police Department for arresting another African American 14 year-old and giving her a pelvic exam against her mother’s permission, only to discover the 14 year-old girl was a virgin. The exam traumatized the girl and was tantamount to the rape of a virgin. 
In 2004, a longtime Pasadena Attorney was stopped with 25 partially smoked marijuana cigarettes in the ashtray of his car. A settlement of the case resulted in the dismissal of the case and his famous name kept out of the newspapers. 
In another criminal matter, a 15-year employee of a national corporation walked out with over $16,000. A quick, quiet settlement resulted in the client never spending a day in jail and ultimately a dismissed case. 
When a young lady accused a Los Angeles Laker player of sexual assault, the player alleged it was consensual and that he had numerous witnesses who would testify that the young lady consented and performed in front of the crowd in the player’'s bed. The case was settled for an undisclosed five (5) figure amount. Another sexual assault case at Southwest College resulted in a five (5) figure settlement. 
Likewise, when a high-ranking Southern California college official allegedly and fraudently took over $20,000 from an insurance company, his employer never discovered the charges which would have resulted in his dismissal. Ultimately the case was reduced from a felony to misdemeanor and then dismissed. 
Hopkins says “a quiet and honest style is often confusing to potential clients who want someone who will promise the moon which cannot ’be delivered.” Hopkins explains that his job in criminal cases is to find a hole that leads to success and go through it for the benefit of his clients. Sometimes that means doing things quietly, and finding the hole may happen on the first day of the case, or it may happen later in the case. Patience, experience, and legal skill developed over twenty-plus years of working the legal system has made him a lawyer dedicated to finding success for his clients, whether in criminal cases, civil matters, automobile accidents, or police abuse cases involving excessive force. 
Author and Publisher: 
As co-publisher of The Pasadena Journal newspaper since 1989, he has received awards for editorials and community activism as well as editorial excellence. He has received awards from the Pasadena NAACP, the Altadena NAACP, the Pasadena Urban League, Pasadena Black Employees Association, Women In Action, African American Students Association, the sororities of Alpha Kappa Alpha and Delta Sigma Theta, and Omega Psi Phi’ Fraternity. In 2002, the West Coast Black Publishers Association awarded The Pasadena Journal a Trumpet Award on CNN. 
Hopkins has been profiled and featured in magazine and newspaper articles including the Los Angeles Daily Journal and San Francisco Daily Journal (both highly renowned legal newspapers) plus the Los Angeles Times, Business Life magazine, the Pasadena Star News, Pasadena Weekly, The Jet magazine, and, most proudly, The Daily Observer from Banjul Gambia, a West African newspaper, in February 1993. Gambia is the home of Kunte Kinte. 
After filing the lawsuit in the infamous Donovan Jackson versus City of Inglewood police abuse case in July, 2002 (where an Inglewood teenager was slammed down onto the hood of an automobile in full view of a video camera), Joe was featured in newspapers and magazines and on television shows and programs across the world. That “fifteen minutes of fame” catapulted him onto the national scene; Attorney Hopkins was a guest on NBC’'s Today Show, Geraldo on CBS, Connie Chung on CNN, and numerous other national and local radio and television shows including Chris Askew radio show in Atlanta, Georgia, Carl Nelson's Front Page show on KLJH in Los Angeles, Tom Pope's radio show in Florida, and BET’'s Lead Story. 
Joe Hopkins is the author of a number of books including “Effective Entrepreneurship Strategies” (1992) and “I Will Not Apologize” (2003). 
Over the past twenty years, he has served as counsel for Pasadena Black Employees, President of Pasadena Association of Black Lawyers, President of the San Gabriel Valley Black Business Association, and public affairs liaison for First AME Church in Pasadena. 

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